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Hatchlands Primary School, Redhill

A Former Magistrates Court To An Amazing New School


Hatchlands Primary School of Redhill, Surrey was built on the grounds of the old Redhill magistrates court, it opened its doors in 2018 to a small group of reception students.

With ambitious dreams of expansion, the school looks to accomadate up to 420 students, realising the requirements of such a target they looked to improve their facilities for the students and turned to Willowbrook Education to achive this dream. 


The aim was to achieve learning spaces that focused on the mental, emotional and physical well being of the students, with outdoor activities and creating a comfortable, fun and engaging learning environment being high priorities.

The final product

To create an interesting and eye catching learning environment, Hatchlands Primary school worked with ourselves at Willowbrook Education to create and bring in a fantastic range of colourful and durable seats alongside our robust yet attractive work tops to provide them with both longevity and class to their learning environments.

'We have recently had work completed by Willowbrook, they have been a friendly, adaptable and customer focused company. We have been able to work creatively with them on solutions for classrooms, libraries and teacher work areas. I have been pleased and impressed with the effort they have put in to finish on time and with the quality of the work they have produced. We wanted a bespoke library because we were looking for a theme that would wow. The students are very proud of their library and there have been delightful ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ in both the classroom and the library. The spaceship industrial design looks the part, synchronises across 2 rooms and fulfils our vision of a modern but appealing multifunctional work space. We are delighted with the work.' - Mr Neil Small, Executive Headteacher 

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