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Health & Wellbeing in the Classroom

Jolly Back aspires to improve the working life, health and comfort of early years and primary educators, paediatric therapists and those caring for children through providing practical, ergonomic seating and low height multi-use furniture via our award winning teachers range.

We're also proud of our Early Years and Primary active learning ranges, designed to improve posture and musculoskeletal health for children.

Founded by Lorna Taylor who has been a chartered physiotherapist (specialising in paediatrics, occupational health and ergonomics) for 15+ years. Over the years Lorna has gained significant expert knowledge and experience which she is very keen to share.

'We've been supporting teachers, primary schools and early years providers since launching the award-winning Jolly Back chair in 2010. We've now teamed up with Willowbrook Education to offer an exciting range of new innovative Jolly Back products, which we're proud to share.' - Lorna Taylor


What are the benefits?

- Improves posture, comfort and musculoskeletal health to assist career longevity for adults and working with children. 

- Reduces absenteeism, related costs and disruption - supporting employers by saving time, costs and enabling staff continuity. 

- Demonstrates proactive leadership culture towards well-being, assisting with talent retention and recruitment. 

- Positively contributes to employee engagement and productivity - helping to maximise quality teaching output and therefore academic results. 

- Improves children's gross motor development and posture - supporting their future health. 

- Promotes pupil engagement and concentration, contributing to improved learning experiences and outcomes. 

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Early Years



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