Product Spotlight: Utile Whiteboard Table

An exciting new style of teaching channelled through a whiteboard table with a presentation setting. Work as a group on new ideas, designs or questions, then simply flip the table top up to present to the class. A fun way of learning and presenting that will encourage team work, boost confidence and share knowledge.

Many schools and students have been using our Utile Whiteboard Table for their group work, and are loving it!

Here's what the headteacher Mr Ian Taylor at Ernesford Grange Primary School had to say:

"The tables give children the opportunity to not worry about making mistakes and to try challenges without fear of failing because mistakes can be rubbed out and easily corrected".

"There are no space constraints that we experience with mini whiteboards that are used in most primary schools".

"They can flip up and children can share their ideas with the rest of the class".

"They help with group work and promote discussion when note making. Four children can fit comfortably around a table and can work collaboratively with plenty of space to write".

"Ideal for problem solving and can be used for all subjects. The children love the opportunity to use the tables, the novelty never wears off".

"High quality, durable and easy to keep clean".

Here's what Ernesford Grange Primary School students had to say about their new tables:

"It makes the lessons more fun because it makes a nice change from writing in books all the time" - Ronan Year 6

"Much more space to write on and easier to use than the whiteboards in class" - Max Year 6

"You can show other people your work by flipping up the tables and you can move them around" - Olivia Year 6

"They're really good because I'm not worried about making mistakes because you can easily rub your work out and change it" - Ayla Year 6

If you think that our Utile Whiteboard Tables could be useful in your classroom, get in touch today!

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