Seymour Primary School, Crawley

An exciting new library created in an old IT area ready giving new life to the area.


As part of a growing community, Seymour Primary School is growing and adapting to the needs of the area. The school was without a library and needed refurbishments made to one of its' IT areas. The headteacher of the school Mr Neil Small has a passion and commitment to supporting and developing his students. He felt that a great way to add more to the school was to develop a fresh and friendly reading & IT area. Knowing he would need the library to entice new readers in, he asked Willowbrook to create something spectacular. 


The area to be developed were two rooms next to each other. The first was an old maths classroom currently being used as storage, and the second was the existing IT area. Mr Small asked us to connect the two rooms however we thought was best, and to create a modern and bright reading and combined IT area. 

The final product

The most obvious addition to the new area was the 'Space Ship' that we created to join the two rooms. This was complete with a raised plinth, interior lighting and 3D panelled windows. For the library area we added tall bookcases with graphics panels and an LED light pelmet. New IT benching was added with a charging cupboard for tablets, rebated LED strip lighting and a curved table top design. Multiple Utile tables have been used to encourage group work and creative activities. 

'We have recently had work completed by Willowbrook, they have been a friendly, adaptable and customer focused company. We have been able to work creatively with them on solutions for classrooms, libraries and teacher work areas. I have been pleased and impressed with the effort they have put in to finish on time and with the quality of the work they have produced. We wanted a bespoke library because we were looking for a theme that would wow. The students are very proud of their library and there have been delightful ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ in both the classroom and the library. The spaceship industrial design looks the part, synchronises across 2 rooms and fulfils our vision of a modern but appealing multifunctional work space. We are delighted with the work.' - Mr Neil Small, Executive Headteacher