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Premium Quality Meeting Tables

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A simple & classic design to ensure maximum functionality. These versatile tables are available in a variety of shapes, elegant curves and multiple finishes to compliment any meeting room and provide the platform for any style of meeting. The steel frame with clean cut lines adds functional strength and a bright finish. Tables can be combined to meet the needs of any size group.

These tables are adaptable to all environments and workspacesm with curves and sleep lines to fit with a formal or relaxed setting.

Available in a choice of 5 colour finishes.

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  1. Willowbrook Tables
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  1. Table
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  • Square Meeting Table

    Square Meeting Table

    CODE: WC10B
    £179.00 (ex VAT) £214.80 (inc VAT)
  • Circular Meeting Table

    Circular Meeting Table

    CODE: WC10C
    £179.00 (ex VAT) £214.80 (inc VAT)
  • Rectangular Meeting Table

    Rectangular Meeting Table

    CODE: A25017
    £249.00 (ex VAT) £298.80 (inc VAT)
  • Bow Shape Meeting Table

    Bow Shape Meeting Table

    CODE: WC10A
    £269.00 (ex VAT) £322.80 (inc VAT)
  • D-End Meeting Table

    D-End Meeting Table

    CODE: WC10D
    £269.00 (ex VAT) £322.80 (inc VAT)
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5 Item(s)

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